Sunday, March 18, 2012

Jom Setat Keje!


Hai semorang! esok kite da setat keje taw.. neves bukan main ag.. ye la.. dpt emel ape kene wat 1st day.. tak kecut pewot plak bile bace emel die kan..

"I trust that this letter finds you mutually excited about your new employment with our company...

On your first day, you will meet with several coworkers so you can get a feel for the overall work of the department. Your new team anticipates taking you out to lunch to get to know you and to make sure you meet everyone with whom you will be working. Your agenda, for the rest of your first day, will be with the department head discuss your successful integration into our company. You will involve planning your orientation with your superior and setting some initial work goals so that you feel immediately productive in your new role. I anticipate that your second day will involve more coworker interaction to understand the department. You’ll also have the opportunity to continue with your new employee orientation plan and your initial work for the department. 

Again, welcome to the team. We look forward to having you come onboard. See you!"

Erm, its a challenge bebeh.. Selamat datang ke dunia pekerjaan! sila keje rajin2.. kumpul duet, blnje mak ayah.. holiday n kawen yeay!

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